Bored motorcycle cylinder. Honda trx

What We Offer

With the capabilities of a modern machine shop being confined only by the creativity of the Machinist, we find that a broad description of our services ensures we do not miss anything!


When a new design comes into fruition and requires the next step to become a reality, a prototype to test and analyze is more often than not a necessity. We work with you from start to finish to give you the best end results. 

Manufacturers such as that wish to diversify on sizes and shapes can benefit from modifying parts of the process rather than starting fresh. We will evaluate your needs and provide a solution that fills them.


We help you get moving again. Simple as that. A new shaft turned, a bracket milled, a bearing pressed; if we can't facilitate it, we know who can. We also do welding repairs if necessary. You are our priority and we will go out of our way to provide fast turnarounds.

Cylinder Boring

One of our specialties is boring and honing non-automotive motor sports cylinders. These can range anywhere from single to smaller 4 cylinders, 45mm to 3" and up . This allows us to take care of almost all motorcycle, watercraft, and small gas engines.

DIY/Project Help

Whether you know what you need, or require consultation, we love helping DIYers get back on track with their projects! Making custom parts that can be assembled by you at your own leisure is our pleasure. From automotive to decorative, the possibilities are endless!

Bead Blasting

We bead blast to clean rust, old paint, and create a more desirable surface finish for parts you bring in. This leaves them looking smooth and ready for use or a light scuff and fresh coat of paint for a great looking part for years to come.